Hello members, I need help here

Hi there, I have this problem with my OpenMRS. I am Ivan the new data officer for my local hospital and just yesterday i was working pretty well with the OpenMRS but along the way, the tab crushed and on troubleshooting, it was only able to bring me to the main dash board with “Home”. but at “home” dash board there is nothing its just a blank page unlike how it used to be. I cant add my patients encouters as it previously been.how can I restore my OpenMRS to normal?

hello @ivan
it seems like your RA modules are not up and running,try to re-installl and re-start your openmrs

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@ivan did you get this sorted?

@ivan re extract the RA again and use the newly extracted one hope you are using version 2.9

Thank you guys all, I am just from rectifying it and it works now efficiently.

you could add the solution that helped here to help others!!!