Hello members am kizito musa a new member of open mrs am having a big challenge how can use my chrome book and android to install sdk and github

I have tried to download them using my android and chrome but i have failed to install them all and is there any other way where i can install my development enviroment,github,sdk,mysql bench and many others can i get away of installing them using the chrome book and android

@musakizito are you trying to install sdk on your Android phone? if yes, you can try out openmrs android. Besides, I believe you are following this guide. The softwares giving you hard time to install, google and if possible watch the videos as you try out. Believe me you will smile!

Thanks so much

I have downloaded the open mrs android client but o has failed to open i dont know how i can open it

Have you tried looking through your application?

Which application? Help me out in that

Which error does it throw?

it doesn’t show any thing when I open open mrs Android it can’t open

Is it okay we have a call tomorrow at your convinient time?

(Attachment screen-20220524-230141.mp4 is missing)

Oh sorry! kindly your attachment above is not visible.

I have tried to show you screen recording

Its fine though not visible. Kindly lets us jump on a call on this link https://meet.google.com/qgi-iqty-dck for 15min.

@musakizito kindly am waiting for you.

I have tried to join the call but access denied so how can I open my open mrs android so that I get started

Am so sorry! I waited for you for over 20min. Am now fixing something we can try tomorrow though!

okay thanks so much

Kindly I have 15min is it okay we have a call now?

okay let’s have a call

Oh @musakizito am really sorry! I was caught up and forgot about you. Kindly forgive me I promise to compensate once the event is done. Once again am deeply sorry!