Hello, I am new here, I would like to contribute, how can I start?

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Hello, I am a new developer here, I would like to contribute to OpenMRS as a developer, how can I start?

hello @abimaelr.sergio You can start by go through this: om.rs/gettingstarted

Also go through the openmrs academies here

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Thank you very much @suubi7

Hi @suubi7, I’ve completed the initial steps outlined in the link you shared, including enrolling in the academies you provided. What should be my next step to begin working on any issues?

@abimaelr.sergio Try to log in to Jira with your OpenMRS Id

Set up the codebase locally and look for beginner friendly issues. Seek help & guidence if you ran out of issues in slack via #openmrs3-helpme channel.

you can read here more