Handling Observation Exceptions

Hi @burke

I’m interested in this project idea. First of all the details in the project page are very informative and descriptive. It makes easy to understand the project. I have worked on several issues in the platform belongs to OpenMRS core, Legacy UI module and FHIR module. I saw that one of the objective is to align the data model changes with FHIR standard observation details. FHIR module tickets help me to get more insight into FHIR standard. I’m clear about the objectives of this project. Hope to write a proposal soon. I have a question that I like to get some more details.

As I understand the upgrading required some database schema changes as we couple of new columns to the database. Can’t we have simple alter sql which will add set of default values to the existing table? Do you seen any impact on using this way? ALTER TABLE {TABLENAME} ADD {COLUMNNAME} {TYPE} {NULL|NOT NULL} CONSTRAINT {CONSTRAINT_NAME} DEFAULT {DEFAULT_VALUE} [WITH VALUES]

Thank you Rasanjana