Handling external patients in OpenElis

For an external patient in openelis, before adding samples for the patient, we need to add the patient . Add patient and add sample are two different UI pages which makes it tedious for users to work as they have to navigate a lot. We have a requirement of giving the add patient option in add sample ui. Will it be correct to do it?

@mksd @pramidat @angshuonline @swathivarkala @binduak

Adding few screenshots: Add Sample is part of Sample Menubar:

Add/Edit Patient is part of Patient Menubar

Now we want the Add Sample to have a “New Patient” button as shown below:

On the button click, a Patient Information section will show up on the same page to add new patient in openElis DB.

@nehagupt, What is the usecase of this requirement?

External Patient is someone coming for Lab Tests alone? Who generates a Patient ID for these patients? What is the work flow for these patients?