Half working on a ticket

Hello people just a simple unexplained question, what happens if a contributor goes for a ticket and just solves half of the required solution .

cc: @jwnasambu @dkayiwa @herbert24

@josephkagimu1 well, basing on one of my experience, I fixed a ticket basing on the ticket description and not a user expectation and after the presentation I asked the senior devs on the forum on what next and I was advised to fix to the end.

Just comment on the ticket that you have done half of the required solution. Include a link to a pull request that has your changes. Then un assign yourself from the ticket. This will help whoever takes it up from you, to start with your changes instead of doing it all from scratch.

@dkayiwa thanks now I have got the idea . but besides that, can the ticket be reviewed when its having some uncompleted tasks ?

@jwnasambu great idea , but can a ticket be reviewed when its half worked on ?

@josephkagimu1 well, @dkayiwa is in the best position to answer the question since he is a senior dev.The weakness I have I don’t easily give up until I get to the bottom line. I don’t understand something I take it as a learning ground and reach out to individuals I believe could be of help. I share what I did happily even if its wrong (after all getting a wrong answer is as hard as a getting a correct one) and accept to be taught. In short share your PR and ask for help on how to proceed to the end.

@jwnasambu thanks in advance.