Guidance to work on a lab module

Hello OMRS Developers,

I am looking for some guidance to start with the development for a lab module for openmrs. I have come across some:

Also some discussions on the topic, but nothing that is usable. Would appreciate anyone who can show me to a place to start, I tried looking into the module development in the wiki but it is overwhelming with a lot of outdated stuffs. Am here to test out my knowledge and am willing to learn new things for this !

Thank you in advance !

Hello @myheadbands :slightly_smiling_face: ,

Welcome to the OpenMRS community, glad you are with us.

Could you have a look at this

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Hey, thanks for the link.

I had viewed those before but never actually got to that part :sweat_smile: More easy to follow with the overview than what the google searches took me to.

Also do you know any one else who has been working on such for me to communicate with?

Thank you for the time ! :slightly_smiling_face:

@myheadbands ,

We are developing a module which is common lab module , we could be useful . . you can find module on github from above link

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@ahmed1 is there any documentation available for the module.We also want to contribute to this module.

@tahira , could you share any document for common lab module

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thanks @ahmed14.I’m waiting for it.

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Hello @ahmed14 If in case @tahira is not available.Will you please give us a higher picture of this module,How it worked and what’s the status of this module.Is it complete or not?

@myheadbands have you find any module which worked for the laboratory workflow?

@naveed1228 - I’ve just seen your thread here about lab modules. What is the functionality you are needing to cover with your lab module? Depending on what aspect of care you are supporting, the decision for what lab module to use or create will vary - or even if you decide to then use a lab information systems (LIS/LIMS) and work on interoperability between that and OpenMRS.

Thanks @janflowers we require the same functionality as bahmni did with openElis.We want that the doctor/physician will place the order during consultation of patient.The lab attendant will receive the order at his/her terminal following things will happen: 1:Lab attendant will collect the sample of patient. 2:Lab attendant fill the results of lab-order . 3:Lab attendant will take action on basis of those results e.g complete, reject, abnormal. 4:The doctor will see the lab-result outcome on patient dashboard.

We evaluate the openElis for this as well and talk with bahmni developer for this.We need this system in short time that’s why I’m looking for some module which is easy to integrate with openmrs provide basic workflow.

Do you have any information about opensource LIMS which we can easily integrate with openMrs and implements the workflow for laboratory.

I searched around and ended up with working around with openElis and bahmni for now, although I would prefer a change. It seems it is the only one way it has been used, except for kenya lab (which I did not manage to get it to working in the new version of openMRS)

@myheadbands have try to run the openElis with vanilla version of openMrs?

No, sorry for the confusion. I was talking about KenyaLab, check it out.

Yeah we also have the same restriction.We have setup the reference application2.I think it will not worked with reference application.I just asked have you try openmrs with openElis or you are using Bahmni distribution.

Oh sorry, it seems it was me who was getting confused. I could not get openELSI to work on the vanilla openMRS, I used Bahmni.

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I figured out the module by myself I’m getting understanding how to created test order etc.Currently I’m facing issue related to specimenSite and Unit how can I defined these concept at backend,So I defined the concept with name of SpecimenSite and add two to three concepts but nothing populated in dropdown.

Hi @naveed1228 ,

The basic workflow of the Common Lab Test module is:

  1. A Lab Test order is requested for a particular test type.
  2. This step involves collecting sample information if the ordered test requires any sample to process. (Lab Test sample can be “Rejected” if it is contaminated or for any other reason. Otherwise it is “Accepted” to be processed and after lab result its status is changed to “Processed”.)
  3. Lab results are entered.

It is a dynamic module which follows (attribute_type and attribute) approach. This way a user can create Lab Test Types and their respective Attributes types whenever a new Lab Test is introduced.

The issue which you’ve encountered is because the module requires some setting up of global properties before it can be used. This is required step so that the metadata information like Specimen Type, Site etc are available. I have responded in detail on this thread below.

Please let me know if there are some other issues.