GST billing in OpenERP

We need The GST billing option in Bahmni OpenERP…Is there any option to do this…?

You can always install additional modules on Odoo. Check if this meets your requirements. Of course, you can always define and setup your accounts and taxes manually.

In additional modules gst module could not be found…

I need it as shown below. Is it possible??

Please check the link that I sent earlier. You can follow the WIKI link to see how an additional module can be downloaded and installed, check the Web Preview module installation. (if not possible from within Odoo: menu/apps)

For you specific requirements: For adding GSTN number for the company, customer/vendor - not out of box. But you can surely customise Odoo to do that. Its simple enough.

but this is not working with me… i cannot add the downloaded GST app to my Odoo module…

You need to provide a little more information for us to help you effectively.

  • how did you try to install this?
  • what problems are you facing during installation?
  • can you provide odoo logs? available at /var/log/odoo/odoo.log

I have downloaded the GST-India app using the steps mentioned in WIKI link , but when i open settings in openerp and click apps the following error popsup

OpenERP Apps Unreachable Showing locally available modules

Please help me out of this…

That addon is for Odoo, not OpenERP7. If you want for OpenERP7, then please search for an appropriate addon.