[GSOD] Project 4

Hello! I found this project a bit late into the Tech Writer exploration phase but I am excited to have done so! I am orienting myself to the wiki and the warm-up exercises for GSOD. I am specifically interested in Project 4: Developing a Suite of Volunteer Guides.

I am currently a laboratory technologist where I am responsible for writing SOPs and Quick References. I hoping to utilize this experience with documenting open source projects to become a full-time technical writer. I think my current experience would lend well to this project!

My question is about the time commitment. Working full-time, I would be able to work on this <20 hours a week. Is this okay? Would this be considered a standard-length project? Any help with the expectations would be great! I’m looking forward to this. Thanks!

cc: @jennifer


Thank you for picking interest in openmrs project and as a community we are glad to have you here. As we wait for @jennifer to respond to your question, just a quick question have you read through the manual? we wouldn’t like you to miss out on the expectations.

Hi @sardoodle!

We’re glad you found our project, even if it’s a bit late in the exploration phase. About time committment, the amount of time you would spend on this project will depend on a few things - including what you decide to propose and your working style. We can be flexible about the number of hours - provided the project can be completed within the Season of Docs timeframe. If you think that it will take you longer, then I think Season of Docs gives you the option of making this a long running project.

Thanks and we look forward to receiving your application!


@sardoodle I hope you have managed to find all the information you need? Let us know if you need any help to prepare the proposal