GSoD mentors needed.

Hello community,
I suppose we all know about seasons of Docs, just in case you have no idea follow this link. Thanks to everyone who worked on the application process we now need mentor to guide the technical writers.Kindly follow this link to know what is required from you as a mentor not forgetting to mention the project you desire to mentor. As you choose the project, kindly have a glimpse on this.
Thanks for your cooperation in advance.
cc @tendomart and @gcliff

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thanks @jwnasambu

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i would want to be one , but i just ddnt understand exactly when it comes to the “projects to mentor”?? do i create my own project or we already have projects available to be mentored??

hello all, we are kindly requesting for mentors to participate in the GsoD 2019 activities to mentor the technical writers.Thanks cc: @ssmusoke @suthagar23 @dkayiwa @k.joseph @burke @mozzy @samuel34 @mozzy @jennifer @darius @raff @mksd @c.antwi @jwnasambu @herbert24

@cliff i am exactly in the same position as mozzy

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thanks @gcliff, in otherwords , the mentor has to propose the projects that he sees useful to his organisation ?? am i right??

@mozzy we are gonna communicate some project ideas soon but you can also come up with your own

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@mozzy @herbert24 There has been some brainstorming around possible projects over the past couple of weeks, like working to make our REST API documentation more like GitHub, Twitter, or Google Maps API documentation, developing an approach to making our Wiki easier to improve, maintain, and use documentation, work on guides, etc.

We’ll propose 2-4 projects in our application and develop descriptions/project pages for those that we submit. @tendomart and @gcliff are helping put these together, along with our application.

We’ll need mentors to help the technical writers become more familiar with our community, how we work, where things live, what is up to date, what is not, who can answer their question about X, Y, and Z, etc. No need to be a technical writer yourself!


thanks @jennifer

thanks @jennifer, i get it better. am willing to be part of the mentors

thanks @jenifer i am also around to take on this

@gcliff and @tendomart, how far with the documenting of these projects , because i can see in the mentor application form , the project links are required cc @jwnasambu @irenyak1

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@mozzy you will be notified.

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alryt. thanks @tendomart

We so far have two applicants who have expressed interest to mentor GSoD Technical writers namely @mozzy and @herbert24 , we therefore encourage you to continue familiarizing yourselves with the Mentor’s Responsibilities ,as the announcement for those selected is pending.

Having Updated our GSoD Page we are now calling upon those who would like to mentor GSoD Technical Writers to look at the projects selected.We will announce the mentors soon and have them Register with google.

@jwnasambu @jennifer @c.antwi @gcliff @irenyak1

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Thanks @tendomart for the progress.

@tendomart thanks for the progress here!!

thanks @tendomart for the work . personally i’ve picked intrest in Create Github Documentation for REST API .

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