GSOD 2021 Final Results

Hi every one, Good news: Google Season of Docs has accepted our proposal :muscle: :muscle:

Search for OpenMRS: Season of Docs  |  Google Developers

In our GSOD project this year, we shall:

  1. Document the process and practices for writing & updating “Getting Started

  2. Publish a “Getting Started Guide” template on the OpenMRS Wiki

  3. Publish up to four “Getting Started Guides”

Our Priority is listed here below:

  • Getting Started with 3.0: How to Develop with Microfrontends and Carbon
  • Getting Started with OpenMRS Upgrades
  • Getting Started with Quality Assurance
  • Getting Started with FHIR
  • Getting Started with OCL for OpenMRS

On behalf of the documentation team, i wish to thank all those that were involved in suggesting the project ideas and writing the proposal. Your efforts are highly valued by OpenMRS.

Keep your eyes open, more opportunities are coming up.

cc @jennifer @grace @saurabh @kaylinbracey @jwnasambu @dkayiwa @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


Thank you for sharing @gracebish !

I would like to volunteer for a technical writer role, can you please share if we have a docs channel? I joined the freenode rooms, and I’m getting used to openMRS.

Do let me know if any area needs immediate help, I would love to get started with some helpful docs soon!

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Great work @gracebish and the team

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@rachitt01, We shall be sharing the details. Keep in touch.

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I’ll looking at the pages need help as outlined above, so I could make some PRs soon.

Will explore the community till then.

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@rachitt01 Could you kindly reach out to @jennifer for more guidance? I just spoke to her during a call and she is willing to guide you.

great news @gracebish ,thanks for the work

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Thank you very much for the update @gracebish !

@jennifer I was thinking of starting off from splitting the project idea into issues and creating a timeline, if it’s alright with you, and I could get started.

I would update the community and team here.

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Hello @gracebish @jennifer

May I open a new thread for GSoD project discussion? Or would this thread suffice?

Looking forward to start off as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi @rachitt01! Welcome to our community - it’s great to know about your interest in contributing to our community as a technical writer.

In regard to this particular technical writing project, which is different from past GSoD projects, our main focus over the next 2-3 weeks will be to identify & engage a technical writer who will lead this project, followed by two technical writing fellows.

In addition to the detailed information about this project that’s on our Wiki, we’ll be posting specific information about the lead technical writer role and fellows for this project later today.

In the meantime, I suggest that you become familiar with our community and those squads/teams working on the projects with an identified need for a Getting Started Guide. Here are some specific resources you might want to check out (if you haven’t already):


@jennifer thank you for sharing the details!

I would look up the links mentioned, alongside the project idea/deliverables, and start doing my reading.

Looking forward to contributing to OpenMRS!

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Hey @jennifer ,

Thank you for your guidance over the last weeks for GSoD. Just wanted to check when would we be having the interviews for the writers, I’m really excited about this.

Thank you!