GSOD 2020:Technical writer exploration phase now open

How do I also get an issue assigned I checked the issues that needed work by @sharif @jennifer but I need to be signed in by the admin bfr I can take up any issue … Sorry I am asking alot of questions

Thanks for your interest did you go through this Could you first go through some work on Trello board and if you find some work and start some work from there. Also feel free to take up on the issues i shared above @herbert24 ,@jwnasambu can give more details

Thanks alot for the guide

@sharif I want to work on an issue on the backlog seen in the Trello board but I can’t indicate interest , the comment is off for the public.

What do you mean the comment i off the public, First login, if u dont have account create one

@sharif please this is what I meant, I have logged in to the Trello board

after logging in I couldn’t find this feature to indicate interest

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Hello every one,we want to thank every body who has shown interest in GSOD 2020!! Early next week we shall begin on fleshing on the project proposals with the mentors.We shall also start on warm up practices for GSOD 2020 and communications will be made here,thanks every one.Just dont forget to also checkout technical writer guidelines


Hi Everyone,

I am really interested to give my contribution on Developing User Friendly Github Documentation for FHIR API Project. I would like to start my contribution by start working on Trello Card. How can I get more details about that task? @sharif @jennifer @herbert24 @jwnasambu

Thank You.

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@kaveeshabaddage you are warmly welcome and will be so happy for your contribution on developing User friendly FHIR API, you are also welcome for GSOD meetings on uberconference such that we can share ideas thanks


Thank you @herbert24 for the post. I wish to contribute to the project - Developing a Suite of Volunteer Guides.

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@herbert24 @sharif I would like to explore more on

  1. Extending User Friendly Github Documentation for REST API !!

  2. Develop the OpenMRS Swagger-based FHIR API documentation to add guidance on use of the API


Hi @saurabh

I mentioned a starting point which will give u an understanding about the underneath static file serving framework (slate).Make sure to send a PR.All the reference materials and guides are in the wiki as you can see :slightly_smiling_face:.


@ayesh I would do that thanks for this !

Hi @sharif,

Could you please tell how can I join with GSOD meetings on uberconference ?

Thank You.

Hi @ayesh

Can you guide me on how I can start working on initial contributions to “Extending user-friendly github documentation for REST API”?

Thank you

@kaveeshabaddage Are you referring to Documentation call? If yes, its always held every Tuesday at 5pm EAT on this link


Well, this sounds good. I also suggest as you try to understand what the project is all about, kindly ensure you contribute to the tickets @sharif shared to increase on the chances of you being selected to work on the given GSoD project.

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Thanks @julie for backup

Hi @saurabh and @uthpala

I am glad that you guys are interested in the project. So first things to do maybe

  1. Check current examples are they up to date working on
  2. I say the first thing would be to give it a try to fix the build in the repo :slightly_smiling_face:

okay @ayesh !