GSOD 2020:Beginning of the proposal review period

I want to take this opportunity to first thank every technical writer who applied for GSOD 2020 under openmrs. Precious thanks too for the mentors who have been helping out to the current phase of the program.We are now beginning the reviewing process of the applications to 31st of this month .Google has forwarded projects to us and these are the names and the number of projects applied for by each individual.

vibhorchinda17- 2 projects

VesWritesStuff- 1 project

Uthpala Pitawela- 1 project

Saurabh- 1 project

TechDocs (Israel)- 1 project

Saravanan Selvamohan- 1 project

Rainbow- 3 projects

Nsereko Joshua-3 projects

arasimha- 1 project

madhens-1 project

kowofa-1 project

Kaveesha Baddage- 1 project

Idika Verma-1 project

chris444-1-1 project

AdiCoder-1 project

Google has also sent a notification to technical writers informing them that their applications have been forwarded to the organisations.Kindly checkout for your name just to confirm that we received your application and in case you submitted an application and your name is not here,kindly let me know. cc @jennifer @grace @dkayiwa @burke @uthpala @vibhorchinda17 @saurabh @sharif @gcliff @jwnasambu @gracebish