GSoD 2019 : Warm up practices for Technical Writers

@tendomart Thanks For the info. Is there any specific format for project proposal??

@sk9331657 you may find something here

@tendomart I am actually taking about the format for technical writer proposal for GSOD projects . Like we have certain formats for GSOC given by students to their organisation.

@sk9331657 I will get back to you ,but have you read through the links above ?

Yes @tendomart . Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi everyone I am Sachin, a sophomore at Delhi Technological University in India. I am pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science. I wish to participate in Season of Docs with OpenMRS.

I love to learn new technologies. I am a full stack developer and have a good experience in the open source. I have gone through all the links and ideas page. Please guide me how to proceed further.

hello @sachin235 thank you for showing interest in this, kindly go through this, it will guide you on how to get started and feel free to post your queries here

Hey everyone. I’m Arslan writing from Pakistan. I went through details and have a query. I don’t have any technical experience in this regard. Can i be helpful?


cc @jennifer @c.antwi

hello @marslan8530 have a look at this and that

@marslan8530 Do you mean Technical Experience with writing or rather with OpenMRS ? If it’s skills ,we as a community expect you to use your "Technical Writing Skills " to our advantage ,the Mentors are very much equipped with the Community ,processes and OpenMRS in General ,and it’s their mandate to curate you in the process, on behalf of the Community.

You may also want to look at the Technical Writer Eligibility
to be accepted as Writer and the Guidelines which will be used to Asses Your Proposal.

@sachin235 Next thing you want to look at is The Time Line , The current activity is sharing your ideas with the community ,about mid next week as the application phase is commencing.Hope you’re kept aware from the Timeline.

@tendomart Hi , I have gone through contribution guidelines and will love to contribute with OpenMRS as GSOD candidate. Can you provide me proposal template so that I can start working on proposal ?? Looking forward to work with OpenMRS and build a strong bond with the community.

Hello All,

I am interested in pursuing an open source technical writing project under GSoD 2019 at OpenMRS. I am deeply passionate about working in medical informatics and strive to make the best of this opportunity. As part of my credentials, I am an international student at RWTH Aachen University, currently pursuing my Masters in Data Science. If you would prefer it, please take some time to view my profile at:

I strongly believe in the applications of technology for information management in medical institutions. Moreover, I understand the importance and necessity of integrating better user experiences in open source tech and documentation to facilitate human computer interaction. I am highly interested in working on OpenMRS (wiki), specifically Project Idea 4: Developing a Suite of Volunteer Guides. I have studied the OpenMRS guides (wiki + community forum) in detail and identified that, if given the opportunity, I could add significant value to them.

Can the mentors provide me with some direction for proceeding from here on? I have yet to initiate my project proposal and some specific guidelines from your side would definitely be helpful.

Looking forward to your response.

Glad to have you here. @jennifer will give you more clarification on that project just be patient.

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@faizanzafar40 Have you gone through the instuctions at the beginning


@tendomart I have submitted GSOD proposal . Please review and provide your feedback.

@sk9331657 thanks will get feed back next week God willing.

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@tendomart Can you please provide review on my proposal??

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@sk9331657 we there is work in progress ,as we also wait for results from the Google Team.

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