GSoD 2019 : Review and Refactoring our Information Architecture for OpenMRS

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I like this idea, especially considering that some people who contribute are volunteers and others are lucky enough to work for a service provider or an organization that supports, in some way, contributions to the community. So we have individuals who contribute as developers, testers, UI/UX designers, etc and then we have service providers/organizations that contribute in a different - and critical - way. For me, @mksd’s comment about Mekom’s contributions as an organization highlights this.

Hey everyone

I’ve been going through wiki’s of similar organizations to look for motivation and recommendations and while looking at Bahmni wiki they have related pages linked everywhere. For example in User guide page, they have linked pages of implementer guide. That is really a good practice and i was thinking if maybe i can try the same with our Wiki.

For that can anyone help me get familiar with tools i can use to refactor IA of our wiki pages? From where i can add some guide box, edit, move and categorize our Wiki pages? Then ask community for review and approval to save changes.

Please see: I don’t have a coding background.

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what do you mean by this ?

can you please mail help desk at to give you privileges.

By this i meant a tool that i can use to edit and slightly alter pages and sub-pages of our wiki and additionally edit information inside them somewhat to make it suitable for non-technical writers to understand.

Okay. I’m doing it

@marslan8530 Have you also considered how is structured?

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@marslan8530, I’m thinking back to your work on the user personas. I know that we have this documentation map for developer documentation. How would you update this? What would a map look like for the other personas?

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I’m in the process of analyzing similar Wiki pages, once i’m done with that; mapping an updated map for each persona will be my priority.

Secondly there are a lot of technical details here as there should be, so i’d need to know more about technical aspects. If you’re working on this as of now, i can make updating this map a priority. What do you say?

I continue to look at other Open source communities and how they have structured their wiki

An very interesting one I came across was

You will notice they have used a ‘personas’ approach as well. Its very clear where newbies, professionals, curious go.

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Can anyone quickly confirm that this and this programs have been ended? Or are there any plans on starting/continuing them again?

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Correct, those are no longer active.

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@marslan8530 Sure I am available. Let me know what time would suit you

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Outreach & OpenMRS Internship programa are not active; however, we may want to reuse info from them or revive them in the future should the opportunity arise.


What about Monday/Tuesday? Any time that suits you i’m available

Please share your views and suggestions

Hey everyone!

While browsing through Wiki i came across this page.

OpenMRS Standalone provides a simplified, all-inclusive installation option with both an embedded database and web server. You can have a local copy of OpenMRS running within minutes.

If this standalone version is still usable and updated, can we explore the possibility of using it as “Demo” or try OpenMRS on small scale without having much technical knowledge. While Bahmni wiki has this demo link, we too can use our standalone version to give curious users or new service providers/implementer a taste of what OpenMRS is and some of our product’s features as well as allow usage of OpenMRS on small scale

without requiring services of IT expert(s).

(not sure of this)

We can even share our distributors EMR’s link on our wiki “OpenMRS demo” page to further clear up the queries about OpenMRS. It’ll help new users understand what can they build on top of our platform

We can include this as sub-page in “Capabilities and Specification”.

Looking forward to your valuable input.

I think this what it’s exactly for.

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OpenMRS folder on google drive. Contains my contributions during GSoD’19.

@marslan8530 we can meet tomorrow morning 8am GMT on Uberconference

Yes okay. I’m fine by that.