GSoD 2019 Project Ideas: Proposed Projects: Deadline Tommorow 23 April 2019 8pm UTC : Outstanding Tasks

Hey Everyone

The following activities need to be completed in order for the GSoD team lead by @gcliff and @tendomart to submit the OpenMRS submission for the GSoD 2019 tommorow:

  1. Mentor Applications: In order to submit a mentor application for a documentation project that had been posted in the GSoD wiki please complete the mentor application for GSoD.

The form is very concise and to the point and should not take you more than 10 min to complete.

@burke @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @jennifer

  1. Please do go ahead and insert your name in the GSoD wiki project page of your choice

  2. Go ahead and update the project scope if you feel something has been left out or is not clear.

We wish to have completed the full GSoD application by 4pm UTC

Thanks @c.antwi. I applied as a mentor and put my name on the API documentation project. :slight_smile:

FYI – The project pages were created directly on the GSoD page. I moved them under GSoD 2019 where they belong.

  • When making links between pages in the wiki, it’s best practice to use wiki links. This allows Confluence to track relationships between pages, know how many other pages are linked to a page, etc. I notice that most of the links to other wiki pages within the GSoD pages are web links.† Web links are for reference content outside the wiki. Wiki links should be used for inter-wiki links.

    You can easily insert a wiki link while editing a page by pressing an open square bracket ([ key) and typing the beginning of the page’s title.
  • When sharing links to wiki pages in email or Talk posts, I’d recommend using short links. Short links are (surprisingly) shorter links and are permanent, meaning they will still work if the page is renamed or moved within the wiki (even to another space).

    You can easily grab the short link while viewing a wiki page by clicking the “Share” link or simply by pressing the shortcut key (the k key) and copying the “Share link”.

† Even worse, the web link for “Developing a Suite of Volunteer Guides” is a direct link to editing mode for the page.

thank you @burke for applying as a mentor plus your corrections on the GSoD page…We are kindly inviting other members to please come and take up mentorship roles before we submit today…Thanks

@gcliff , is Google also concerned to know about the Backup Mentor? Or that’s completely an internal thing with in us here in the organization??.

@mozzy There are no back up mentors for GSoD. We could consider having internal ones, but that has not been finalized yet

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@gcliff @tendomart I am on uberconfernce waiting for you to come online so that we finish the application .

@c.antwi apologies for we both missed the time for call ,but am on now , can we have another call some time today ,if you can communicate the time?

Updates We had a brief / miniature review and retrospective(given that it was holiday and the biggest quorum was away) with @gcliff yesterday .

I did a temporal submission with a few changes on the form , we also cleaned up duplication on the main GSoD Page .So the final application is pending “done” for submission ,unless otherwise there is any other thing you consider haltable , you may review and we set it off.

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