GSoD 2019: introduction and project questions


I am a tech writer interested in participating in the following REST API project that is part of this year’s GSoD:

@burke , you are listed as as the mentor for this project, so I would very much like to get some feedback from you and others!

Although I have browsed the OpenMRS wiki, etc, I am obviously a complete newbie to OpenMRS, so forgive me if the following ideas are not appropriate :slight_smile:

But, on the theory that you have to start somewhere, here are some of my preliminary questions related to the overall goal of creating some doc that makes it easier for folks to get started using OpenMRS web services:

– What is a typical beginner’s OpenMRS use case for accessing the REST API? Meaning something that might correspond to writing a “Hello, world” program in a specific programming language?

– Would it be helpful to include useful/ instructive OpenMRS-specific curl examples showing the use of curl commands, parameters, and query strings? Plus corresponding sample JSON responses?

– What about a simple scenario for using JavaScript to print a value from a JSON response object to a web page?

– What are some typical beginning user “pain points?” Are there certain issues that come up again and again?

Perhaps one way to look into this might be to see what types of issues have come up and been resolved on OpenMRS talk? Might it be good to review and see which ones could be migrated (and possibly also updated) to the new doc page?

That’s it for now, and thanks in advance!

How to authenticate.

Yes that would be very useful.

I do not see how this is related to the REST API.

Authentication is one of those that i have seen frequently asked. I have also seen questions about to make calls for results that require paging. Like searching for patients whose number of results may be big.

Searching for such posts on Talk would be a good starting point. :slight_smile: