GSOC'ers, who wants to publish about their work on OpenMRS?

Hey fellow GSOC’ers new and old,

I’ve recently taken on a role as a feature editor for the ACM XRDS magazine, which is basically ACM’s magazine for students. Its edited and maintained voluntarily by graduate students, and has been around for a long time. Its not an scientific journal per se, but its where you get started :smile:

And luckily enough, the theme of the upcoming XRDS issue is ‘Health Informatics’, and they’re interested in YOU… or rather, they’re interested in papers that cover your work on OpenMRS.

So hands up, who wants to publish about their work on OpenMRS ? its not going to be too complicated (i’ll be working with you on planning / writing), plus basically it’ll be a great way to learn the ropes on how to write / publish…


thanks for sharing this information @surangak, am one of those GSoC 2014 interns that are intersted and willing to share my work, let me know what next that i need to do :smile:

Hi @k_joseph, @vineetv2821993 and anyone else who’re intrested.

This is great !! so the first step is for us to write up a short proposal (one paragraph) about your project, so that I can gain approval from the board of editors.

Your proposal (or rather, sales pitch) should focuss on why your project is importaint, its clinical relevance, intended users and the value that it brings. This doesnt have to be very long, and I can help you edit it before I show it to the board. If you can write it up and share it with me via google docs, i’d be happy to help out :smile:

Hi @surangak

I am also interested to publish abut my work. My work was basically UI related. See if it can be incorporated.

ps : sorry for the late reply

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