GSoC Students: Consider being an OpenMRS Guide!

Attention current Google Summer of Code students

Are you looking for a way to stay involved with OpenMRS once GSoC is over, and once school resumes (and you get more busy)? Consider applying to be an OpenMRS Guide!

The OpenMRS Guides program is a way for new contributors to connect with a mentor that’s currently active in the community, who was recently new herself or himself. The Guide’s role is to stay in communication with new contributors to make sure they are finding resources, answers to questions, as well as interesting & rewarding contributions on which to work.

The Guides program is currently looking for some additional participants. If you are interested in becoming a Guide, please contact our community management team via e-mail and let us know:

  • Why you think you’d enjoy being a Guide,
  • Some of your contributions to OpenMRS (projects, code, communication, etc.),
  • Some links to examples of places you’ve communicated with the community and/or helped others with questions, and
  • Whether or not you can commit to a few hours of week to answer questions and help new contributors find resources.

The Guides program is a fun way to stay involved with OpenMRS, even when you may not have time to be actively coding on a project. We hope you’ll consider applying today!

If you have questions about the program before applying, feel free to reply to this topic.


From my experience as a guide, it’s very good experience for me. The knowledge we gain from involve in GSoC can directly can be used to help new comers to OpenMRS. There are number of new comers who are willing to take a initial guidance to start work with OpenMRS actively. It will only take couple of minutes to just drop a mail to them and give your helping hand. As a open source project, OpenMRS needs contributors to involve with OpenMRS development and that’s th place where new blood comes in.

From my experience it’s a good learning task, it’s fun and you can improve yourself. Also you will got to know about people from different regions. All your contributions will align with the OpenMRS motto “Write code Save lives”.


Thanks Harsha for sharing your experience! Based on the efforts of you and others, we want to expand this program and get a few other excellent contributors on board.

We have no shortage of new contributors and hope some of you reading this will drop us a line to learn more about the program! (Especially current GSoC students!)

This is a reminder that this round of recruiting for the Guides program will close on August 1. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us before that date!

hey @michael, I have written an e-mail to the address that you posted above almost two weeks ago, but haven’t heard back. Did you receive my message?

We’re collecting all the responses and will review/respond to them all starting on the 1st of August. Thanks!

Hello GSoC 2015 students!

Please see the message at the top of this topic for information about the OpenMRS Guides program. We’re again looking for some volunteers, and hope that a few of you will be interested in participating in this very important program!

If you’re interested, please contact the head of our OpenMRS Guides program @harsha89 by private message here on OpenMRS Talk or write in to community■■■■■■■■■■■■.

We hope to see you on the team soon!

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