GSOC Student Blogs?

Hi there!

In the past we’ve had student blogs shared throughout the OpenMRS community but I’m not seeing anything about that for this year.

Typically, we’ve had students required to post one blog post per week on their own blog, are we still doing that?

If so, please post a link to your blogs below, or please direct me to the conversation about this!


Typically they’d be added to OpenMRS Planet

I’d cut 'em slack but add a hard deadline of May 30th – at which point – it becomes a problem if not completed.

So this conversation has already happened? Can you point me in that direction?

I’m not involved with OpenMRS for GSoC. …but I’m just simply saying – there’s old posts that Michael Dowey wrote laying around which it looks like @k.joseph and @harsha89 used – what I said is the way I would do things here.

It saddens me to see no coordination whatsoever on this front.

I was wondering if our blog posts have to be GSoC specific such as GSoC week 1.2.?

Instead can we write content, which may not directly related to GSoC but may be about something new that we learn while working with OpenMRS?

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Hey Gayan! That’s a great questions! Some of the mentors can jump in to help clarify if I’m incorrect, but the requirements for students is to contribute a blog post each week of the GSOC where you actively reflect on your experience and your projects, whatever that might be.

Obviously, the more detailed you can be the better! Perspective students will be reading your material and this is your chance to encourage them to step up and take on the challenge of GSOC.

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I understand your concern, but I don’t think we’re giving enough credit where it is due. @harsha89 and @k.joseph have done really well getting the students involved and excited about this program and have also addressed the responsibilities of a blog. We just need their URLs.

As you’re certainly aware, there are a lot of responsibilities to be taken up due to persons no longer active in this community and it takes time for new people to pick up the pieces and figure out the process, something many volunteers have done an excellent job with.

We’re all in this together and we should be actively working together and sharing the knowledge we have. Lets be the change we want to see!


@gayanw as @jeffneiman mentioned, you can use your own personal blog for adding your progress towards each week. You definitely can post interesting and your learning experience with OpenMRS apart from the weekly blogpost.

I highly recommend using your personal blog for this. You will remember this foreevr.

Also. don’t just create a one-off blog. The goal of this rule is to get you in the habit of blogging.