GSoC student applications due by next Monday (3 April)

Students: Keep those awesome applications coming and ensure you mark your draft proposals on as final when well polished

Mentors: This week is your last chance to ensure the best students are applying for your GSoC project. Interact with students on our IRC, reply to questions on Talk, and help them submit great proposals to your project.


GSoC 2017 applicants (students) be reminded; The deadline for students to submit their Final PDF proposal is Monday, April 3rd at 16:00 UTC. Students without Final PDF proposals cannot be accepted, and there will be no exceptions. April 3rd 16:00 UTC is also the deadline for students to submit a proof of enrollment in an eligible university program.

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@k.joseph Please where can I find a template to for the PDF proposal? Is there a particular details required in the proof of enrollment?

have you had a look at this: page?

Thank you. I am actually hoping to work on my final year thesis and I was just hoping I could use this. I may have to go to the school to get the details.

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You have few minutes left. I don’t think it’s realistic. Applications are about to end. If you have any transcripts or Admission letters. You can upload in the mean time.