GSoC Reunion - San Jose

Hi everybody,

As you probably know the Google Summer of Code Reunion will take place in October. Luckily I am one of the lottery winners and looking forward to meet you in person :slight_smile:

I am a bit curious and wanted to ask who else will be coming.

Cheers, Lukas


Congratulations @lbat! Look forward to seeing you there. :thumbsup:

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thx - I am looking forward too!

Congratulations Lukas, that’s great :smile: Keep up good works :smile:

See you there @lbat. I’ll be joining in from the Health Information Systems Programme for the GSoC Reunion, but I’ll also wear my OpenMRS heart on my sleeve :wink: . I wonder why you mention San Jose though… Aren’t we at Googleplex, Mountain View?

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Hi @sunbiz - the 2014 GSoC Mentor-Student 10-year Reunion will be held in San Jose this year. :slight_smile: Details:

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@sunbiz, I can’t wait :wink:

FYI for those who are on the waiting list … there will be another selection on Wednesday 9 July 2014, and then one final selection from the waiting list in late July. So don’t count out participating if you’ve added yourself to the waiting list. :smile:

@michael, is OpenMRS funding mentors/students from the waitlist for the reunion? Or are waitlist attendees self funded?

If people from the lottery waiting list are chosen, they would have to self-fund their attendance (travel/transportation and housing). Google however will cover food during the event, and the trips to the Googleplex, the Great America trip, etc.

More details at the event FAQ.

@lbat and @sunbiz, i’ll be there as well! Looking forward to meeting you both in person :smile:


@elliott great! me too :smile:

I am trying to cut my expenses and have read that there is the possibility to share a hotel room. So if you believe that you can put up with me for three nights than just drop me a message :wink:

I have suggested a session on Google moderator:

Google Glass in the healthcare domain - including hands on experience

Please give it an upvote if you are also interested in that topic :smile: Thanks!

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I’m also have won the lottery :slight_smile: See you there!

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Still looking? You might write Carol Smith and ask if it’s OK to coordinate room sharing on the mailing list, or maybe on the mentor summit wiki. As for me @hannah will be sharing a room with me. :slight_smile:

Congratulations @draggonz - I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

@draggonz - I am also looking forward seeing you there!

@michael: thanks for asking! I have already arranged it - I have written to the mailing list and got plenty of replies :smile:

I will be going,

A little about myself:

I was with OpenMRS in 2008 and 2009 working on a failed project Groovy Forms Module(it’s still in the wiki somewhere) and Facility Data Module (completed in some form) and then worked with Sahana Software Foundation in 2010 on a Survey Module (it worked – but you can’t expect polished in a summer…so expectations I guess).

I then went on to work with OpenMRS as a mentor in an unofficial capacity and Sahana Sofrware Foundation as a mentor (officially) in 2011.

2012 and 2013 I worked as an Organization Admin (what @michael and @surangak do) and am currently not participating in any capacity with Google Summer of Code in 2014.

If anyone needs a place to crash and wants to cut expenses…I have room. Ping me on irc…I run as @r0bby on irccloud (always on) and @robbyoconnor on my local irc client on my laptop. I am also @robbyoconnor on twitter

Additional event details have been posted today: