GSOC 2024: Validation rule builder for the form builder

Hello there!

I am interested in contributing to the Validation rule builder project for Google Summer of Code 2024.

I have only a couple questions so far:

  • Is always pointing to the latest version of the form builder on Github?
  • Is it okay to work on these projects even if we are not selected as a GSOC contributor?
  • Would it be okay to ask the appointed mentors from the project ideas list to look over our GSOC proposal?
  • Are we allowed to provide suggestions for new ideas as a GSOC contributor?

I am currently looking at the form builder at the demo link and I think having the option to view the preview and the interactive builder side by side rather than as a separate tab could be a quality of life feature for those unfamiliar with the form builder environment. A simple method to provide this would be to move the preview tab over to left side.

I will continue to look through the project and make any following questions in this thread. Also, any guidance or tips on the GSOC proposal is appreciated!

Thank you!

cc: @dennis @hadijah315