GSOC 2023: User Onboarding

Hi everyone, This is Rounit Ranjan Sinha from India, I am a Web developer inclined mostly to the frontend.

Experiences:- Frontend Developer at Entersoft security, cybersecurity company based in Australia. Worked for the Signup/Login feature mainly and then interacted users to the different features of our product.

Open Source contributor in Hacktoberfest 2021.

I am interested in User Onboarding Project for GSOC 2023. As I have worked on something similar to that’s why I am the best fit for this work and I am a constant learner too, so I can learn quickly and efficiently.

According to me, the main concept of the userOnboarding is to make user complete the process of signup immediately and to use the product.

Long Product tour can be replaced using interactive walkthrough.

Doubt: For this which repo I should focus on and if there any guide to setup locally then please provide.

Thanks, Rounit

@dennis @vasharma05