GSOC 2023: The Print feature; Updates and Discussions

Hello everyone, I’ll be working on the “Print this” component in O3, aiming to provide users with the option to print data for their own and patients’ use. My mentors are @hadijah315 and @dennis. In a recent meeting with my mentors with @ddesimone and @fanderson from PIH, we discussed the following issues:

  1. All generated data should be printable, with a print button at the top corner of each table. just like in the image below;

  2. Users with access to pages containing a print button should have print privileges.

  3. The printed page should have a customized header displaying the patient’s biodata and the name of the person requesting the print. similar to the one below

  4. Users should have the ability to enable or disable the print button based on their preference.

We would greatly appreciate any additional requirements or suggestions from the community members and users regarding the print feature. Also in case you are aware of any users, kindly ping them on this thread so we can get their requirements regarding the print feature @mmwanje @jmpango @dkayiwa @slubwama

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I am considering using the React-to-print package to implement this