GSOC 2023: OpenMRS User Onboarding feature 🖶🖶

Hello OpenMRS. I am Jessie Ssebuliba and I am willing to join the community officially through this year’s GSOC. According to my interests plus those of the community as a whole, I would love to work on the new openmrs **user onboarding ** feature whether selected as an intern or not—if that is acceptable and I also hope to learn a lot more from all of you guys in this community.
This thread is for anyone interested in this new feature, mentors, and newbies, let’s share ideas and make work easier than it should. I also request access to necessary requirements like Zulip for designs plus any other related resource. cc @dennis @vasharma05 @kdaud

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Hi @dennis and @vasharma05, I can’t access these design samples provided in the description of User Onboarding project. Can you provide access to these files to me ( at Zeplin so I can further look at the project. Thank you

@jexsie are you now able to access the design page?

cc @grace.

Not really. I have contacted @grace as @jnsereko suggested.