GSOC 2023: O3: User Onboarding

Hello everyone, I’m Malik a /dev/null apparently. I am interested in working on the O3: User Onboarding project, one of the GSoC 2023 project ideas.

I’d like to discuss more on this project.

Questions so far:

  • Where are the Test 3 and O3 demo environments?
  • There is a link to a Zeplin design but I do not have access as I have not been invited into the workspace

I’m quite new but curious about how to proceed.

Thank you @dennis @vasharma05


@malikk did you get a chance to look at? Demo –

@hadijah315 could you be knowing the person who can help?

@kdaud @malikk about the zeplin designs, @grace or @cduffy are the best people to reach out to about access issues.