GSoC 2022: Next Generation Form Builder UI for the OpenMRS Community

Hi everyone, I got interested in this project “Developing Next Generation Form Builder UI for the OpenMRS Community” while going through the Gsoc 2022 projects. am requesting for any available resources in this regard as I familiarize myself with it. @jdick

  1. @jdick and @dkigen , I would like to have a look at the source code of the form builder.

  2. this is how I understand the project. Its basically a migration from Angular to React.

  3. Are there any additional features that you wish to add to the current form builder.

this is my proposal:

Primary Goal:

To migrate the form builder from angular to React

Other objectives

  1. To understand the structure of the current form builder (first month)
  2. To write suitable react code in the place of the current angular code. (second month)
  3. To write tests for the created form builder(third month)