GSoC 2021 - Weekly Student Updates Form

Hi gsocers,on top of making weekly blog posts, you are also encouraged to fill this form on a weekly basis. thanks @grace @jennifer @Ankit @medhavi @jayasanka @vasharma05 @navareth @saurabh @jnsereko @katebelson @heshan @piumal1999


I think you have to make it available to the public :slight_smile: It says that only members of the owner’s organization can access this form.

thanks @navareth how are you able to access the form now

Still cannot access it

@navareth and now?

Still :frowning:

try clearing your cache incase you are using chrome

That helped, thanks! :slight_smile:

@herbert24 Week of June 21st - June 28th is missing in the form. Which week do we select in this case? :sweat_smile:

thanks @medhavi fixed

Thanks every gsocer for the works you are doing, a gentle reminder to the following to submit their reports for the specified weeks as seen below

@ankitkumar report for week one, @medhavi report for week one , @jayasanka report for week one, @vasharma05 report for week two and three @saurabh report for week one and three @jnsereko report for week one @heshan report week 2 .For @katebelson and @parth59 who uses the email that starts with skipperb1? cc @grace @jennifer @mozzy


Hi @herbert24 just a small request can we add this google form to the weekly progress updates page that way we wont have to track 2 different threads.

Hi, I use the email starting with skipperb1 (@katebelson), sorry for any confusion!

Sorry @herbert24 , last week I submitted my blog on GSoC 2021: Student Blogs - #35 by herbert24 but didn’t post it in the form. Really sorry for the misbehaviour.

hey @herbert24 i had submitted my report for week one but maybe you didn’t receive it. So i have submitted it gain.

report not blog @jnsereko

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