GSoC 2021: Support for Extended Operations in FHIR

Hello @varung31 @ibacher and the rest of the community!

My name is Nsereko Joshua, an undergraduate student at Bugema University(Uganda), offering a bachelors in Software Engineering, currently in my second year of study. I have interest in working on this project.

One of the Lecturers at campus was appointed by some organization to update their system to meet the new needs of the administrators of the organization. I volunteered to help him. We introduced hibernate in the project and wrote an couple of queries to meet the new needs. This gave me some good experience with hibernate.

I request for links to tickets that will help me understand more of querying with consideration to FHIR and any other information that might help me come up with a good proposal.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jnsereko do you find these implementations as good examples








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thank you @tendomart for the great information you have shared with me

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