GSOC 2021 : OpenMRS Android Client 3.0.x

Hi everyone,

I am Saurabh, I will be working on OpenMRS Android Client 3.0.x Project as a part of GSOC 2021.

I will be asking for any help or clarification on the project through this thread, and will also be sharing my progress reports, through weekly medium blogs on this thread or any common thread for GSOC Students.

Project Mentors :

I will also be keep track of my progress with a GSOC github repository with detailed PR links and Issue labels.

cc @rishabh997 @jwnasambu


@saurabh Congratulations upon being selected to contribute to openmrs community for the 2nd year and am glad we are going to walk together. Kindly feel free to engage mentors and other community members incase you need help or more clarifications. Hopefully our journey together will help you achieve your set goals as we learn from you too.

cc @rishabh997

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Congratulations Saurabh! I am working with this community since 3-4 months(on a break due to semester exams) and have seen you dedicating good time towards this project.

I hope that you will continue to guide me for contributions to the android client of the Open-MRS. @saurabh

Hi everyone, I was getting error while deploying the openmrs-android package to the jitpack library while testing it out.

It has to do something with the release.keystore which I think has been configured in the travis build as an environment variable but while uploading and building the release version of the app, while uploading to the jitpack it shows this error.

I tried doing it on a seperate repository and it works fine I tried adding the required package into the OpenMRS Android test repository here and publish it on Jitpack and then tried using the same package with the help of a dependency inside a test app here and it works. But I think it will be really good if we can publish the package through the main openmrs-android-client repository cc @cintiadr @permissionerror


We do not take care of the android release at all. In all fairness, anything outside our bamboo is not something we can usually help.

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