GSoC 2020 : Upgrade Platform Core Libraries Project

thank you very much for clarification . For this :

should i work on FHIR2 ? or it is not yet the moment.

Example remove out al these lines

and replace that with a single dependece on the test sub module of the OpenMRS core,

In that way , the sub-module will simply inherit the test libraries/dependencies defined in the coresponding OpenMRS core Version

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FHIR2 is still Work in progress as per say , @ibacher could direct you best where necesarry


and this line too from to

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Sure , thats it


thanks @mozzy


Ensure all the Test libraries defined here in the OpenMRS core ,are not redefined in the Rest module Parent and Child POMs.

for example , you would also remove the depencies defined in the Child Poms like here in the child POM of sub-module 2.4 of the Rest Module

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@mozzy what about this ?

Hello, I want to upgrade ca.uhn.hapi dependencies to 2.3 . I am getting this error

this is the PR thanks @dkayiwa @burke @teleivo

cc @dkayiwa

@achilep , can you paste the full error log ??

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error log

The cause of the error In brief , the class MessageTypeRouter used here as a property was deprecated and replaced with ApplicationRouter

so it no longer exists in hapi 2.3.

that was just a pointer. youll need to do some refactoring in here

is what I have done before getting into this Error :

oops , another point of cause of the error is in the applicationContext-service.xml

while setting bean property ‘router’

Spring still maps it to the deprecated class MessageTypeRouter , point it to the new class ApplicationRouter >> ca.uhn.hl7v2.protocol.ApplicationRouter


@achilep , i have seen you updated the router class in the applicationContext-service.xml , so the BeanCreationExceptions were solved.

But i can see you still have a few test failures below …you just simply need to update and fix the tests.

HL7ServiceTest.processHL7InQueue_shouldCreateHL7InArchiveAfterSuccessfulParsing:107 expected: <1> but was: <0>

4485[ERROR] ORUR01HandlerTest.processMessage_shouldFailIfQuestionDatatypeIsCodedAndABooleanIsNotAValidAnswer:707 Expected to be thrown, but nothing was thrown.

4486[ERROR] ORUR01HandlerTest.processMessage_shouldFailIfQuestionDatatypeIsNeitherBooleanNorNumericNorCoded:724 Expected to be thrown, but nothing was thrown.

4487[ERROR] ORUR01HandlerTest.processMessage_shouldFailIfTheProviderNameTypeCodeIsNotSpecifiedAndIsNotAPersonId:1092 Expected to be thrown, but nothing was thrown.

4488[ERROR] ORUR01HandlerTest.processMessage_shouldFailOnEmptyConceptAnswers:426 Expected to be thrown, but nothing was thrown.

4489[ERROR] ORUR01HandlerTest.processMessage_shouldFailOnEmptyConceptProposals:443 Expected to be thrown, but nothing was thrown.

4490[ERROR] Errors:

4491[ERROR] HL7ServiceTest.processHL7Message_shouldSaveHl7MessageToTheDatabase:159 » HL7 E...