GSoC 2020 : Support Multiple Classes per Concept Project

Hello @burke, @samuel34 and anyone with interest. I am a student offering a bachelors course in software engineering at Bugema University(Uganda). I wish to participate in Gsoc@2020 working on this project. I have seen a TRUNK-4540 ticket at the documentation of this project on OpenMRS wiki. Is this the issue i have to work on for the whole summer or this ticket just prepares me for the project?? I believe i will be able to manage this project. I request for your guidance or information that might be of importance to me concerning this project.

@burke I wonder what this aimed at addressing when it was discussed in 2014?

Is it for cases where one finds a matching concept -say- in CIEL, but it’s not quite of the desired class? Like a matching ‘asthma’ that is a finding in CIEL and that an implementation would wish to use as a diagnosis?

Cc @akanter


It was originally to allow >1 class so that class could be used in lieu of maps or sets, for example. It was not to address differences in concepts with a published standard like CIEL. If there is a specific use case for why CIEL is wrong (I find classes mostly useless) let me know!

I wonder if this kind of additional metadata is still needed when concept attributes are now available?

Hello @burke, @samuel34 I have posted my draft here. I am still improving it and i request for your suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks