GSoC 2020: First evaluations

Hi GSoC students, and mentors,

Please take note that the First round of project evaluations opens tomorrow Monday, June 29 , with the due before Friday, July 3rd 18:00 UTC

Please make sure to read through the section about evaluations in the GSoC student guide to familiarise yourselves with how these evaluations work towards your project period. You can refer these example of questions to get an idea of the types of questions you’ll need to answer for each evaluation,

The evaluations are to be completed on the GSoC site. Hopefully, It will not take more than 10mins of your time.

Importantly, if you do not submit an evaluation within the given period, you will be removed from the program. Similarly, failing an evaluation means you are immediately removed from the GSoC program.

The evaluations are separate to the weekly status reports that we ask you to submit.




cc hi @iamsr ,had to tag you here

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Thanks everyone for completing your evaluations on time before the deadline. All of our students are passed in their first evaluations, and good to go for second phase of development :partying_face: