GSOC 2019: Support Multiple Classes per Concept Project

Hello @burke , I’m interested for work on “Support Multiple Classes per Concept Project” in gsoc 2019. When GSOC 2019 project list was announced this project was there but now it removed from that list . So is there any chance that this project will come again in project list of GSOC 2019?

@rushikesh am not sure exactly but may be @suthagar23 can best help us no about the project is still there now?

Thanks @gcliff for replaying, I will wait for @suthagar23 and @burke reply, they know exactly about the project and GSOC 2019 project list :grinning:.

very true coz @suthagar23 is the one championing this

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Hi @rushikesh,

According to the mentor’s availability and other resources, We decided to remove “Support Multiple Classes per Concept Project” from this year GSoC Project list, and added a new project " OpenMRS Atlas 3.1" there.

I’m sorry that, we couldn’t offer that project this year.


Thanks @suthagar23 for the clarification on this :+1:

Thanks for clarification