GSoC 2019 Secondary/Junior Administrator

Hello Community, I am writing this to express my interest in being the OpenMRS’s co-admin in the 2019 GSoC. I am choosing co-admin because I will need mentorship if possible on how to execute my duties for the success of the GSoC. I will be very grateful if considered for the above post and I promise to do my best to meet the Community’s expectations +1.

CC @jennifer , @terry , @c.antwi @jeffneiman , @suthagar23, @akanter, @burke , @dkayiwa

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Good luck @irenyak1 :slight_smile:

If possible, I am willing to manage GSoC 2019 as Admin :slight_smile:


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A combination of @suthagar23 as admin and @irenyak1 as co-admin looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Feel free to attend our project management calls and bring this up. Hopefully you have taken a look at

cc @c.antwi

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Thanks @dkayiwa that is the wiki page I’ve been looking for in the last 2 minutes. :slight_smile: Surely I will endeavor to attend the PM calls.

Thanks @dkayiwa :slight_smile: Sure, I will be there for the meeting.

Good luck too @suthagar23 :slight_smile:

Just in case the is need for more admins am ready to offer my services too.

@danfuterman, would you be willing/able to support @suthagar23 and @irenyak1 in administrating GSoC 2019?


Hello Community thank you so much for entrusting us (@suthagar23 and @irenyak1) with this noble role of administrating GSoC 2019 , I promise to do my best for the success of our Organization and I believe my colleague is focused to doing the same.


@irenyak1 and @suthagar23, I’m glad you are both willling to share this role! I would like to lend my support, so please keep me in the loop as things get going.