GSoC 2019 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming

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(Maimoona K) #49

@suthagar23 for some reason I am unable to login and create a wiki page from my OpenMRS ID. And I see many users are showing as Unknown Users

. Do you know what could be the issue?

(Daniel Kayiwa) #50

OpenMRS ID is currently down:

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #51

@ddesimone I just wanted to have a Wiki page with a short description “What is Conditional List”, and what we do we need to complete during the GSoC period. It will help to get more information and easy to understand by a student who new to OpenMRS for GSoC. So that, I just requested a wiki page (Like this) rather than a ticket :slight_smile:

(David DeSimone) #52

Thanks @suthagar23. I see what you’re looking for now, but as a non-developer, I don’t think I’m the right person to create this page. Let me know if you need information regarding the broader context around conditions and how they will be used.

(Jonathan Payne) #53

Hi all- is it too late for me to submit a project idea for this for OCL? I was traveling so missed the target date. We are looking for a ReactJS developer to advance the new OCL Metadata Browser, which will be a far simpler web interface for browsing terminology and indicators that is separate from the current OCL Authoring Interface (at and also separate from the “OCL for OpenMRS” interface being built now by Andela. While the latter two are for managers of terminology, the Metadata Browser is for those who are just referencing terminology by searching, browsing, etc. We have a prototype built (by me, so it’s definitely production worthy :slight_smile:) and we’d like to bring someone on to create a number of custom presentations (e.g. separate list and detailed views for terminology and for indicators) and to make it production-ready. I believe this would be high value to the OpenMRS community as it would also become the primary tool for searching the CIEL dictionary and the CIEL starter set that will be packaged with OpenMRS (if it is not already). Thanks so much for considering this and apologies again for late reply!

best, Jon

(Ivange Larry Ndumbe) #54

This could make a good project idea Springify the OpenMRS REST Services. See this talk thread Why @Autowired doesn’t work in REST WS’s REST resource?

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #55

Hi @paynejd and @ivange94. Glad to have these projects for this year GSoC. Can you make a simple wiki page with the description like this? We can add to the GSoC page as soon as possible once you have a project description.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #56

Hi all,

Kind Remainder on this, Since we just have 1 week more. Students may start to explore the projects from the first week of announcement time (Starting from Feb 26).

Let me know asap about your new ideas/existing projects for this year GSoC.


(Andrei Stanila) #57

This sounds interesting to me.

(Fawwaz Yusran) #58

Hi all - is it too late for me to register as a mentor or a backup mentor? I would like to propose an enhancement project for our Android client. In its current state, there are bugs when running the app on newer versions of Android, and not enough error messages is shown after each application crash happens.

Secondly, the project is using old, deprecated frameworks that should be replaced with its more robust counterpart. 1 example (which I think is one major cause of the recent app crashes) is Active Android to deal with saving data to the local database, and that it should be replaced with Android Room. It will make the code easier to read also.

Finally, the Provider module for Android client is also a common discussion topic and I’d like to see this feature implemented in GSoC 2019.

I thank @csmuthukuda for creating the Wiki page and I’ll update it as soon as possible to document fixing existing bugs found in the app. I really want to bring back activity on the AC project so I am very excited to mentor this project in GSoC 2019. Again, sorry for the late reply!

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #59

Thanks @f4ww4z :-). So I will assign you as a key person to there, and please make necessary chances on that wiki page for GSoC

(Rohan Sharma) #60

@f4ww4z @suthagar23 I would really like to contribute to Android Client. I already set up the project on my local machine and I also found an issue that i would like to work upon. I also opened up an issue on the jira platform Please excuse the issue format. So can i proceed with the issue? Please guide me about how can i help improve Android Client.

(Irene Nyakate) #61

Thanks so much @codepoet2017390 for expressing interest in this project, please get more familiar with the project as you wait for the official time after selecting students and streamlining mentors.


(Fawwaz Yusran) #62

Welcome to OpenMRS @codepoet2017390 and thanks a lot for your interest in this project! I’ve added a comment at AC-522 , kindly reply to it. You can also get started by fixing issues that are already labeled ‘Ready for Work’. Good luck.

(Chathuranga Muthukuda) #63

thank you for volunteering to mentor this project @f4ww4z . please contact me anytime if you need any help :grinning:

(Fawwaz Yusran) #64

We always need a code reviewer for the Android client repo, especially someone who has good experience with it during last year’s GSoC. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks!

(Rohan Sharma) #65

Thanks @irenyak1 and @f4ww4z .
I’ve made changes to the issue description as requested.

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #66

Hi all,

Please take a look at OpenMRS Primary/Mentor Recruitment in case if you haven’t any ideas but would like to mentor for a student (You need to have some prior experience/knowledge on that area),


(Ellen Ball) #67

Added more details to the GSoC 2019 Condition Lists project. There are primary (@dkayiwa ) + secondary (@ball) mentors and improved documentation:

Any self-respecting medical record (EMR) system needs to be able to track patient conditions (what is often called the patient’s “Problem List”). This functionality must be completed before it can be implemented. There’s already a great starting place for the work.


(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #68

Hi all,

I’m very happy to announce that, once again, we have been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code - 2019 :star_struck:. Thanks to everyone who worked for the application process, and mentor requirements.