GSOC 2019 : Patient Search Criteria Project

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(Jayamal Jayamaha) #1

Hey, @k.joseph I would like to contribute to this project in GSOC 2019, so Can I know more details about that project. Also, can you help with the pre-requests things that should I do regarding this project


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(Kaweesi Joseph) #2

thanks @jayamal for your interest, here are some starters.

(Jayamal Jayamaha) #3

Hey @k.joseph can I know in this module should we develop openmrs core application or a module?

(Stavrangelos Gamvrinos) #4

Hey @k.joseph ! Nice to meet you.

I am also interested in that particular project.

Some quick info about me: I am a first year MSc Student at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Before that I was working for 2 years as a Full-stack Web developer mainly focusing on technologies such as Spring Boot (back-end), AngularJs (front-end) and Postgres (db layer). During my job I specifically worked on a search-related module where I used a search engine based on Lucene.

Currently, I am exploring the system’s structure and aim to achieve the dev/1 stage.

See you!

(Kaweesi Joseph) #5

welcome @agamvrinos and thanks for your interest in this project. glad learning about your former exposure to Lucene, keep contributing and exploring the project.

all uncertain points are welcome here dear students, can’t wait to look through the proposals you guys will send through for this project coupled with your OpenMRS contribution history.

(Jayamal Jayamaha) #6

Hey @k.joseph can I know in this module should we develop openmrs core application or a module?

(Kaweesi Joseph) #7

this will be wrapped in a new patientsearchcriteria module.

(Lakshmi Aasritha Grandhi) #8

hi! @k.joseph sir and @herbert24 sir i am interested to contribute Patient Search Criteria module. As i am currently working on development of Bahmni. I have good knowledge and experience on Web Developing,rest,MYSQL,Lucence ,spring and openmrs API.

Thank You.

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(Jayamal Jayamaha) #9

Hey @k.joseph I looked at the links you provided me and I find some issue related to this patient search criteria and to get more details about this I find the github link it is

Can I get some basic knowledge by studying above link ?? If there are some resources can you please give me because I like to study more on this project


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(Jayamal Jayamaha) #10

hey @k.joseph is this project available for GSOC 2019 or not??

(Kaweesi Joseph) #11

hi @jayamal, sorry for the late response, there’s a lot of traffic from this site that sometimes i miss seeing some pings in time.

This project is available for GSoC 2019. If you looked through all the links attached on the shared resources, you would be able to investigate further into all others. Get in touch just in-case you have any questions as you read on

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Hello @k.joseph,Sir I have gone through the some Warm-up practices and I would like to suggest adding few search criteria like the place the patient live,the treatment the patient received previously and also the put on face recognition and voice recognition(if possible) .I would like to get more resources about this project and looking forward to work on this project. Thank you Sir

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(Kaweesi Joseph) #13

thanks for taking this even further, supporting other search criteria as u mentioned is an extra credit, the major ones are exclusively outlined.

You can startup a talk post to get community feedback on any extra criteria we are better supporting, demographic related information will less weary our change for now, patient data related criteria are welcome but we want to major on what is of high and probably immediate need to our important community. copy me on the new post about extra criteria.

(Sai Sandeep Mutyala) #14

What do you think is the better way to go about the project? Should the new search functionality be integrated into core, or would it be better to start it off as a new module?

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