GSoC 2019 - Patient Flag OWA - Sprint #3

Hi @maimoonak and @judeniroshan,

Based on the Sprint planning meeting held on 06-07-2019,

We are starting Sprint #3 from today. This sprint shall have the following duration. We also hope to achieve the following objectives by the end of this sprint -


1 week ( 07-07-2019 to 13-07-2019)


  1. Coding of Services and DTOs - Common services and their usage with DTOs shall minimize the number of API calls that are made in various components by reusing the data fetched for API calls for particular components. Services, independently as makes our code more modular. :on:

  2. Refactoring existing code

  3. Read request URL in order to remove hard coding of REST api base URL

  4. Coding of Patient Flags Component.

  5. Exploring openmrs-react-compoents and style guide integration.

Legend -

:on: - In progress :white_check_mark: - Completed

Resources -

  1. PR for work completed till now - Pull Request
  2. Sprint SCRUM Board [To monitor progress till now] - Board
  3. OWA distribution zip [For work done till now] - Zip
  4. Link to Local Repo (v 3.2.0) - GitHub

Let’s hope for a great Sprint ahead!

  • Progress monitoring Meeting (Skype Meeting) - Wednesday, 10th July, 2019.

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Work Log

Ticket: FLAG-53

Time Spent: 3d


  1. Redux Integration – Added Actions, Reducers and store for API calls and creating common store for Data objects.

  2. Still really buggy - currently performing but fixes.

  3. Bug fixes might be subtasked.

Work Log

Ticket: FLAG-53 [DTO&Services]

Time Spent: 2d


Completed :white_check_mark:

Ticket: FLAG-50 [Flag Components]

Time Spent: 2d


Completed :white_check_mark:


React OWA - Patient Flags

React OWA - Edit Existing Flags

React OWA - Create New Flags

Current Project Structure


[Latest Pull Request]

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