GSOC 2019: Patient Flag Module OWA(discussion)

Hi Everyone :grinning:

I’m Smarita Sharma, an incoming graduate at Arizona State University. I would love to contribute to this project. I have been associated with OpenMRS and Bahmni since the past one year. Having worked on the patient tagging module for Bahmni as part of my Outreachy internship, I have had the opportunity to hone my skillset on Reactjs, springboot, hibernate and designing RestAPIs and understand both OpenMRS and Bahmni’s codebase. On going through the project details, I realized that the patient flag module is very similar to the module I had previously built, and hence this experience shall definitely help me work on this project. Adding on, I had also mentored students during GCI’18 for OpenMRS.

I am in the process of making a proposal and hopefully be able to submit it before the deadline. Thereafter, I’ll begin working on a few beginner tasks to understand the project better. Hope to work with @maimoonak and @judeniroshan to get started.

Can’t wait to ‘write code and save lives’ !

I hope by this time you have submitted your project proposal with according to the OpenMRS GSoC proposal guidelines :slight_smile: