GSOC 2019: Location Based Access Control Phase 2

Not Removing. But removing restrictions on the methods getEncountesByPatientId, getEncountersByPatient. to allow doctor to see all previous encounters.

Can you mention a use case here with proper doctor and patient examples

@suthagar23 My Bad.:frowning: .

Thought Patient having Access to multiple Locations. L1,L2.

with Encounters E1 with Location L1. and E2 with Location L2. then Doctor with Locations L2 ,L3 cannot see the patient Locations.

Above one is wroong assumption since patient has only one Location. So we don’t need to remove any fuction from the Encounter Access Restriction. Sorry.

Can doctor make a decision without looking at the encounters at Location 1?

A patient can have an Encounter at only one Location. so Doctor will be able to see all Encounters of the patient.

One encounter can be only in one location. But a patient can have one or more encounters. So how then, How can a doctor able to see those?


But all encounters belongs to same Location. He cannot have encounters at Location where he doesn’t belong to.

What happens, if the user was removed from that location in some time? But the encounter will be there.

can’t Find anything to figure it. Do you have any Idea.?

what if we do like this when Doctor wants all encounters of a patient:-

If any of Encounter Location Matches with Doctors Location we will Return the Complete List without Removing other Location Encoutner.


building the OWA page for the LBAC. The summary of users, patients, Encounters that we show in the owa does belong only to the user locations right?


is that they show how many users belongs which locations irresepective of their accesible Locations?

The header for the OWA page would be the same as this.

Location Module Report.

  • Tab1 - list of users
  • Tab2 - list of patients
  • Tab3 - list of encounters

The graph will be grouped by the locations of Logged in user. The content of Table will be of the user and their Location.

is that they show how many users belongs which locations irresepective of their accesible Locations?

I think, it will add more sense. What do you think?

Then aren’t we showing the user the Locations data other than he belongs to.

Also, If we do that we can’t use the rest services since they are location restricted.

So then, what is the way that you prefer?

I think we can show only information about the locations the user has access to.

Can you work on that to make it live in work?

didn’t get it.?

I couldn’t figure out what do you going to show…!, So better to create mock-up draws or demo UIs. That would be easy for give more insights :slight_smile:

@suthagar23 informations we are planning on showing on the OWA page as per the call

On patients Page

  1. patients belonging to individual Location count wise.
  2. Location wise patients

similarly for User and Encounters. Suggest if I am missing anything ?

yes, Show more information if you can :smile: