GSOC 2019 Integrate Bootstrap as Foundation for OpenMRS Reference Application.

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(Vinay Sagar Sharma) #1

Hello Everyone. This is Vinay Sagar Sharma, currently doing my in Computer Science Engineering from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, India. I am interested to participate in GSoC 2019. I am interested to work with OpenMRS as I found it fascinating and the tech stack was just what I was looking for to work with. I hope it would be a happy journey and fun coding this summer with OpenMRS if selected. My Tech Stack includes HTML,CSS,Javascript(both ES5 and ES6). I use React as a front-end JavaScript Library and I have also worked on Redux. I am good with Bootstrap(3 & 4) . I found OpenMRS really fascinating and would love to be part of this community. I would like to work on [Integrate Boostrap as Foundation for OpenMRS Reference Application]( /Integrate+Boostrap+as+Foundation+for+OpenMRS+Reference+Application) on this Idea. Looking for some guidance to kick off. :smile: Thank you

(Suthagar Kailayapathy) #2

Hi @vinay72, Thanks for your interst on this project. It would be good to mention your respective mentors while you initiating the dicsussions on forums (easy to get their attention)

Have a look at here also, GSoC 2019 : Warm up practices for students

Cc : @ssmusoke @jwnasambu


(Lakshmi Aasritha Grandhi) #3

hii @ssmusoke sir , I am interested to contribute for the project Integrate bootstrap for Reference application. I have been working for the implementation of Bahmni and also previously worked on web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, React and Bootstrap.

Thank You!