GSOC 2019: Convert Operation Theater Module to an OWA with REST API

Hello @merovingienne and @suthagar23 sir ,I’m interested to the work on operation theater module in GSOC 2019 . I’m familiar with java ,spring ,hibernate , mysql ,js .Currently I’m learning React which help to design the UI for OWA. I request you to provide me with the initial guidance and further information regarding the project.Also I like to learn @merovingienne 's contribution which he did during gsoc 2017, your guide help me to get proper idea what to do in this project
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @rushikesh, glad to hear you are interested in this project! :slight_smile:

Please go through the Dev Guide if you are new to the OpenMRS ecosystem. All the material needed to get started with the project are mentioned at the project description page. Links to descriptions of all the work done in previous GSoCs are also there. Go through the content and let us know if you run into any problems.

You should work on some introductory issues and get familiar with OpenMRS before anything else. Set up a development environment with the OpenMRS SDK and run the operation theater module. You will need to check out the source code of the module and compile it with Maven. Play with it a bit and check out how it works. We’re here to answer any questions you might have.

When you need help with an error, kindly use a service like Pastebin to show us the error logs. Please do NOT paste error logs here.

Hey @merovingienne sir, thanks for replaying.I already created 2 PR in openmrs and I’m familiar with OpenMRS SDK. I’m currently trying to understand the operation threater module . :grinning:

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