GSoC 2019: Congrats to our selected students!

Google Summer of Code selections has been officially announced. Congratulations and a great warm welcome to the 13 students who have been selected for Google Summer of Code 2019.

Selected 13 Students for Google Summer of Code 2019 - OpenMRS

Official OpenMRS Blog | Google Official Announcement | OpenMRS GSoC Wiki Page

Congratulations again every one :slight_smile: and extended thanks to our fantastic group of volunteer mentors, as well as all students that submitted applications this year!

Students will start to close with the community and mentors by today as it is the Community Bonding Period (07 May - 26 May). Future deadlines will be,

  • 27 May - 26 August: Coding Period
  • 24 -28 June: Mentors and students submit Phase I evaluations
  • 22- 26 July: Mentors and students submit Phase II evaluations
  • 26 August - 02 September: Mentors final evaluations

Good Luck!

Regards, Suthagar


thanks @suthagar23 for the updates and for the students congrats

Thank you @suthagar23. I’m so excited and grateful to be accepted. Congratulations to all student! I can’t wait to start working at my project. :slight_smile:

congs to all the succesfull students , and great work well weldone @suthagar23

@suthagar23 thanks for the updates. Congratulations to all students selected to participate in GSoC 2019.

Congrats everyone and a big thanks to the mentors for paving our way.

Congratulations to the successful students, we hope you will put in all effort to successfully finish your project by the end of the summer. This is bonding time, I hope you are doing your best to bond with the community and mentors too.

I wish you the best.

Note: Those students who did not make it this year, please strive to make it in the next year’s summer. I wish you luck too.

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Congrats to all accepted students, those rejected please don’t give up, having atleast a dev/1 stage with accepted pull requests into some of our repos was the most regarded acceptance criteria plus of course a good proposal. You can make it by next year

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Congrats to all accepted students.

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Congratulations! I hope all of you will do your best for the community and stay with OpenMRS! If you didn’t get selected, make sure you stick with the community and apply next year. :grinning:

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Great work @suthagar23. Congratulations to all students who made it this year and good luck as we continue the journey to the finish line. Hope you put in your best for a successful completion of your projects.

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Thanks @suthagar23 and a big congratulations to everyone else who got selected this year. I am very excited to be a part of the OpenMRS community. Looking forward to an amazing summer.

Congratulations to all students who made it and those who tried out for gsoc this year!!

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