GSoC 2018 - Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement


I am currently catching up on the project Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement. I was wondering what are the features that are additionally to be done in this project, other than what reporting module is providing.

Also one of the Objective mentioned in the project is “Enhance mUzima to allow consumption of the patient abstract”. Could someone explain the concept of Patient Abstract?

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@arunans23 It would be efficient if you could tag one of the project mentors, so they would be notified.

@madushan Thank you for the suggestion.

@sthaiya @mwere Can you provide me your views on the questions?

Hello I am interested in working on this project I have gone through almost all of the related documents. My current understanding of the task Seems to be at the level of providing the feed back by the providers and reviewer on a clinical summary in case the clinical summary generated by the reporting modules is contains some errors. And also to generate a notification when a feedback is made by a provider so reviewers will be alerted on the availability of review to look into. I have currently am having some challenges understanding the mUzima and the way it supposed to be enhanced will greatly appreciate some pointers on mUzima workflow where more info can be gotten.

@mwere @sthaiya Please provide your feedback on my suggested approach
Currently patient clinical summery is generated using the reporting module. which takes place in 3 stages of which are.

  1. Building a dataset Definition to contain all the field you will include in the patient summary.
  2. Create a custom report which will call the data sets created earlier.
  3. Create an HTML/Text-based template report renderer (report Design or output design)

Which is then run through the legacy UI. providing feedback on the summary from the patients dashboard i think need is to be at point 3 of creating an html/text-based output design which will allow the provider to composed his feedback message and since openmrs already impliments alerts, i proposed to use his message as the content of the alert then broadcast it to the intended data Assistant or data Managers if need be. and reverse communication should be same through alerts from the reviewers to the providers, what i don’t know is if the history of this discursion has to be persisted.

@harisu I guess the history of the discussion should be persisted to some extent.