GSoC 2018 - Mid-term Presentations Due Tomorrow

Thanks to those GSoC students who have submitted their mid-term presentations so far! To all other students, a reminder that these are due tomorrow, and we are asking you to record, upload and share a short (3-5min) video on Talk that describes and demos the project you’re working on.

Please post links to your videos as new topics on Talk under the GSoC category, and make sure to tag these with #gsoc2018-midterm and #gsoc2018. The video should not exceed 5 minutes, and would ideally include a walkthrough of the work you’ve already developed and/or are currently developing. It’s fine to set the scene by describing the project’s objectives, milestones etc. but please make sure to also include a description/demo of the work you’ve done on the project, and what’s left to do in the final stages of the GSoC program.


There are still some who have not submitted their mid-term presentations yet (some have been in contact about this, others have not). @ridmal, @piyush9620 , @harisu, @eunice18 - please make sure to submit these soon, this will count towards the final evaluation.