GSoC 2018 Co-Admin opportunity

OpenMRS needs to apply for GSoC 2018 in the next couple of weeks (by 23 January).

We have enjoyed over a decade of participation in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with a long list of amazing community members who have come through the program. Key to pulling off a great GSoC is passionate admin(s). We would like people who are interested to have the opportunity in serving as administrator.

  • An admin needs to be able to commit to at least 2-3 hours each week through August 2018 (see timeline)
  • This Google Doc is a work in progress, but contains an outline of the types of tasks involved in being a GSoC admin.

Are you interested in serving as GSoC admin this year? Let us know as soon as possible, since we’d like to have admin(s) identified by or before 17 January.

Kaweesi (@k.joseph) && Harsha (@harsha89)
OpenMRS GSoC 2017 Admins


Did the title say Co-Admin? If yes, who is the Admin?

Some privileges involve qualifying for a GSoC mentor’s summit trip

myself and @harsha were co-admins in addition to @surangak and @burke who as Admins just guided the process. co-admin is just meant to imply that you are not alone if you volunteer to administer this year’s GSoC


Yes this is basically the organization admin title.

I’d be happy to volunteer as an admin for GSoC 2018


@k.joseph now that @danfuterman has volunteered, can we take this forward?

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@danfuterman is one person so-far we can move forward with and thanks a lot Daniel for willing to volunteer on this. We are still open to have one other person so that the 2 could manage this year’s GSoC

@danfuterman shall we move forward? We need to complete the application and submit this in advanced.

Certainly, happy to move forward with this, thanks. Would it be best to have a handover call with yourself and @k.joseph? Or is it simple enough to manage this over email/chat? I can make time to chat tomorrow, I’m on CAT time.

@k.joseph Dev status required? and what are the other pre-requisites? If any i would want to serve .thanks

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Hope the projection is not way too high above my current potential.

@harsha89 @k.joseph Just following up to see how to take this forward, thanks.

@danfuterman what will be your availability to take up for a quick call?

Thanks, I can chat in an hour (8am CAT), or between 10am and 12pm CAT today. Do any of those times work for you?

@k.joseph will you be able too?

@harsha89, @k.joseph If there is another place for the 2nd co-admin, I would love to be in that position :slight_smile:

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@tendomart Thanks for your interest. Were you a GSoC mentor? I think it would be best to have initial mentor experience. So you can participate as a mentor for this time and familiar with GSoC.

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Great we will discuss and confirm on this.

@danfuterman sorry it seems @k.joseph isn’t available. Shall we have a call tomorrow same time as you proposed?