GSOC 2017 FHIR Module Enhancements Project

Application Name: FHIR Module Enhancements Project Version Number: Question: Hi first of all my name is Ravindu Perera i am student from informatics institute of technology from Sri Lanka and currently 3rd year student i am actually interested in the GSoc project FHIR Module Enhancements Project. I am actually interested in this project because i have experience of being a java and mysql developer for 2years experience, so please can you all provide more details about this project

thank you

This belongs in #community:gsoc.

Thanks alot

Hi Ravindu,

I’ll add more details to the project page. Please setup the development environment and few bug issues. It’s required to fix at-least one bug before you place the application.

Thanks, Harsha

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Thank you @harsha89 will read the detail page and fix bugs and get back to you if i have any problems in the project