GSoC 2017 - DHISReport Reporting Enhancements

Hello Everyone!!

Dear mentor,

I am interested to work on DHISReport Reporting Enhancements project . I went through the Reporting module,, and understood the basics of it. I have setup the local environment to do the development. . I have been working with the OpenMRS-core for some time, i have understood it’s architecture and i am on my way to earn /dev/1 status which i will surely do as soon as i will complete working on my proposal.

Regarding project idea, i have some questions :

Reporting Module has a system that allows generating reports based on a cohort system that generates the SQL queries automatically. The current module can generate DHIS2 report from the reporting module.

– here what exactly is referred to cohort system ?


I want to discuss the implementation part of Link Reporting module reports generated in our module interface.

Sir, i know it’s a little late but i am working hard to compile my proposal by working on implementation of the objectives and week wise deliverables/milestones. As soon as i will complete it,i would send it for review.

It’s a great opportunity to work on this project and further improve my java coding skills as nothing excites me more than contributing for health related issues as i too belong to a developing nation. I am quite familiar with java and i have made several projects using it.I have a rough idea of Spring Framework and Hibernate and will master them soon.

Looking forward for your reply.