GSoC 2015 Students: About weekly feedback forms

Hi there students!

As previously mentioned, at the end of each week during GSoC, you will be asked to complete a very short weekly feedback form to review your work and your interactions with your mentors for that previous week.

Each Friday at 00:00 UTC (this may actually be later in the day on Thursday depending on your time zone) you will receive an email to your email address with a unique link for that week’s feedback form. You must click that customized link and complete out the form by 00:00 UTC on Monday morning (the end of Sunday UTC). Failure to complete 3 weekly feedbacks will result in removal from the program. The form closes promptly at Monday 00:00 UTC, so be sure you’re finished by that time.

If we don’t hear from you by each Sunday at 00:00 UTC, we’ll send you a final “24 hours remaining” reminder.

Why do we want your feedback?

  1. To make sure your project is going well,
  2. To make sure you have the resources you need to pass your evaluations, and
  3. To make sure your mentor is doing a good job.

Your feedback is confidential, so please let us know if you have any concerns whatsoever each week.

We’ll begin with a few weeks of “test” feedback forms. While these are not required, we encourage you to do them when you receive your notification to let us know how things are going with your preparation and community bonding. This week will be known as “Week -3”, followed by “Week -2”, “Week -1”, and “Week 0” the week before coding begins on 25 May.

Please be sure to check your email address daily, or make arrangements to forward mail from that account to an email address you do check every day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the weekly feedback forms, please reply to this topic. Thanks!


So far so good. Just awaiting for Friday UTC 00:00 for submit the blog post :smile:

That’s a good point about blogs, thanks for remind me to mention it :smile:

You can do your blog posts at any point during the week. (More than one are encouraged, too!) The form will ask you for a URL to the most recent one, published during the preceding week. So there’s no need to wait until Friday or the weekend to do so, if you’d prefer to do them earlier in the week.


We can publish more than one blog posts per week, but we have only to submit the most recent blogpost by that time, am I correct Downey? This week’s survey received and I completed :smile:


That is correct … thanks for confirming!

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Re the blog: I would aim to make it more a narrative – so that if you have a struggle and feel others could benefit from the solution – blog about it. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun. This is a job where it’s not work – I mean you have work to do but it’s fun work! People will be following along!


Thanks to everyone who got your feedback forms submitted! It looks like two of you may not have received the email, so we’ll be following up with you to confirm. We’ll do another test again at the end of this week, mostly just to start forming a good habit to remember it every week.

Please do share your feedback as we approach and begin the program. We actively review all feedback and do whatever we can to improve the program throughout the summer!